Lady Gaga - Yoü And I - Parody ("The End Is Nigh")

Lady Gaga - Yoü And I - Parody (

Lady Gaga - Yoü And I - Parody ("The End Is Nigh")

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Steampunk goggles in this video were up for auction and have now sold. 100% of profits went toward Hurricane Sandy rescue relief. Thanks for bidding! Lady Gaga played by Venetian Princess "The End is Nigh" Lyrics Written by Venetian Princess Edited by VenetianPrincess http://www.vprincess.com http://www.facebook.com/venetianprincess http://www.twitter.com/vprincess This is a spoof of all the doomsday scenarios people are theorizing, mixed with some pop culture and conspiracy theories. All to the tune of an awesome Gaga song (love her). Please share with your friends. If you are unaware about the 2012 doomsday scenarios and want to educate yourself on the theories, I recommend http://www.December212012.com (This is not a paid sponsorship for them, I just find their site an interesting read.) Guidette played by Brianna: http://www.youtube.com/divabree101 Guido played by Brian: http://www.youtube.com/brianbadass234 Music arranged & produced by Mikey Ace: http://www.youtube.com/mikeyacestudios Artwork by Tony Tuthill: http://www.kinneas.com Tin Foil Protected Doggy: My Nemo Costumes created by Venetian Princess ---------------------------- Lyrics: It's been a long time since I came around Been building up a bunker underneath the ground I'm hiding from J Woww's new scary face lift Space is gettin' frisky with Planet X I found out that Sarah Palin is a lizard with specs The "Dance Moms" teacher tried to dance and caused a polar shift I said, look around it won't be long Till the lizards land a space ship right on top of your lawn So just sit back down and just don't prepare I'll be ready with my tin foil for the solar flares There's something something about her face Something when you connect the dots, you find a message from an alien race Just another sign of the end, but you just keep on rolling your eyes It's time that you wake up and see the signs A few years back, the mayans let you know That the sky would rain white powder, wait that's Lilo's blow Guidos running rabid and guidettes too Nostradamus he foresaw the birth scene in Breaking Dawn It was just a sign of what's to come with Snooki's spawn Now don't get the apocalyptic blues I said sit back down, it won't be long Till Kim Kardashian leaks another disastrous song Don't ask for mercy, no don't you beg Oh no! The city's been attacked by Angelina's leg There's something, something about Tom Cruise (He's got intergalactic connections) He's gotta know something that we all don't, I mean the man wears platform shoes It's clear now all the orange spray tans Are a sign we're all gonna fry But then The Kardashians should be Enough proof the end is nigh The end is nigh! Baby! We're all gonna fry! The end is nigh! And we're all gonna fry! ---- tags: Lady Gaga You And I Music Video Lady Gaga You And I Music Video Lady Gaga You And I Music Video Lady Gaga You And I Music Video Lady Gaga You And I Music Video Related tags: Music video by Lady Gaga performing Alejandro. (C) 2010 Interscope Records Music video by Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance. (C) 2009 Interscope Records Lady Gaga You And I Music Video 2012 "2012 predictions" "what about 2012" "what is 2012" "www 2012" "the year 2012" "is 2012 real" "the end 2012" "all about 2012" 2012 end "2012 end" "2012 real" "end of times" "end of the world" mayans nostradamus nostrodamus "is the end of the world 2012" apocalypse "apocalypse" "December 2012" "lady gaga you and I" "snooki pregnant" "kim kardashian song" "jwoww facelift" "breaking dawn birth scene" "lizard people" " "planet x" "planet 2012" "where is planet x" "conspiracies" "nibiru" "planet nibiru" "dooms day preppers" "dooms day bunkers" "doomsday preppers" "doomsday bunkers" "disaster" "maya" "mayan" "mayans" "prophecies" "predictions" "december 2012" lady gaga poker face born this way paparazzi interscropegeffenam papparazi paparrazi alexander skarsgard official music video records pop dance ladygagaofficial interscope venetianprincess the fame thefame new newmusic FULL HQ with lyrics electronic parody mini film love game lovegame ladygaga beautiful dirty rich Kim Dellara Melina high quality remix celebrity spoof space cowboy just starstruck uk single papparazzi cherry boom stefani germanotta bad romance monster perform weird al