"Boy Band" Medley Ft. Will Jay | AJ Rafael #Jamuary

"Boy Band" Medley Ft. Will Jay | AJ Rafael #Jamuary

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File Name: "Boy Band" Medley Ft. Will Jay | AJ Rafael #Jamuary.mp3

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The 2nd video for my #Jamuary series this year! I'm uploading a music collab/video every other day (at 8PM) this month! Featuring the super smooth vocalist and awesome songwriter Will Jay. & My dude Philip Chuah on the bass!! Hope you like our arrangement of some of our favorite songs from our favorite "boy bands". Temptations and The Jackson 5 were obviously not considered "boy bands" but we wanted to pay tribute to them here, too! Will Jay http://youtube.com/meetwilliam http://twitter.com/willjaymusic http://instagram.com/willjaymusic Philip Chuah (Bass) http://instagram.com/itsphirip AJ Rafael http://facebook.com/ajrafaelmusic http://youtube.com/ajrafael http://twitter.com/ajrafael http://snapchat.com/add/ajrafael http://instagram.com/ajrafael MERCH: http://storytell3rs.com To see what equipment I use to make my videos, click here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ajrafael Directed by Uplifted Visuals http://www.upliftedvisuals.com #Jamuary Graphics by Amanda Trovela