How To Play "The Edge Of Glory" By Lady Gaga On Guitar

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How To Play "The Edge Of Glory" By Lady Gaga On Guitar

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Sign up for free iOS apps! http://bit.ly/FREEAPPS Guitar Chords Used in the Song "The Edge of Glory" uses standard tuning and the following chords on the guitar: How to Play an A Chord How to Play a C#m Chord How to Play a D Chord How to Play a B ChordHow to Play an E Chord Form of the Song "The Edge of Glory" is the third single by Lady Gaga from her third studio album, Born This Way, a multi-platinum roller coaster of heavy dance beats, pop/rock and soft melodies. The electronic-dance pop song has won high honors from critics, including Entertainment Weekly, comparing Gaga's single to the best of Michael Jackson and Madonna. The record, one of the most anticipated and leaked albums of 2011, has reserved the pop singer a strong backing tour, Born This Way Ball Tour, beginning at the end of the year. The previous leg of the tour grossed more than $200 million, with higher expectations for the upcoming one. The song contains only five chords, which can be played as simple, beginner style chords or used as bar chords for similar hand positions and fuller sound. The song builds momentum as it progresses towards the chorus. Since there are no guitar parts, the strumming pattern is open to the guitarist, but keep in mind the energy of the song by trying to match the energy of the guitar. Play along with the video to learn the chords and their progression in "The Edge of Glory" using the following song structure: * Intro * Verse 1 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Interlude * Verse 2 * Pre-chorus * Chorus * Interlude/saxophone solo * Chorus * Outro